Gunpowder Green Tea

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This high quality, certified organic green tea from China is hand picked, fermented and each leaf is rolled into a tiny ball which unfurls when you add hot water. With a deep slightly peppery flavour and scent this tea is a pleasure to drink.

Ingredients: (*cert. organic)

*Gunpowder green tea camellia sinensis

30g pack

Green Tea Making Tip:

When making green tea, we advise using fewer leaves than you would with black tea and to avoid leaving the tea standing for too long before drinking to obtain the best flavor and prevent bitterness. Traditionally the first drawing of the tea is discarded to rinse away dust and bitterness and the subsequent drawings are considered to be superior for flavour and therapeutic value. Green teas are best made with water that is just below boiling heat at around 80 degrees to preserve the antioxidant value and delicate flavours.

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