What is RTT Therapy?

After many years of working as a natural health therapist I discovered RTT Therapy (Rapid Transformational Therapy).

I had been going through a very tough time in my work and personal life, resulting in a resurgence of some health issues I had experienced 20 years previously. I was so impressed with the results that RTT gave me propelling me into such a phenomenal state of wellbeing over and above what I had experienced before, I decided to train in this incredible technique so that I could offer it to my clients. 

Rapid Transformation Therapy or RTT varies from normal therapy or coaching because it uses one of the most powerful parts of you, your sub conscious mind. It is a new, upgraded type of hypnotherapy that works to create permanent, positive change.

RTT Therapy

What is the difference
between RTT and regular hypnosis?

RTT is interactive and varies from person to person. For many of you it will be talking, exploring and uncovering through your brilliant sub conscious mind. It’s not pure suggestion therapy like regular hypnosis, although there is a small section of that at the end of the session.

How long does a session last?

Approximately two hours. Sessions are done online via Zoom or Skype from my therapy room in Whangaparoa, which is located in the Northern part of New Zealand.

How many sessions will I need?

It can be anywhere from 1–3 sessions, up to 6 months. After each session you’ll have access to me for a month for extra support and guidance to ensure that you get the change you’re looking for.

Choose from on of the three packages on offer or contact me directly, and we’ll find the way together.

Can I be hypnotised?

On a normal day, we’re in and out of hypnosis on a regular basis, but we rarely stay there and use that state of mind for therapeutic purposes. Hypnosis is when your brain waves slow down to Alpha or Theta.  It happens just before you drop off to sleep at night, when you’re day dreaming or when you’re totally immersed in something creative.  Getting into hypnosis is easy and it’s very rare that someone can’t be hypnotised during therapy. 


How quickly will I see the results?

For some people the results are immediate, for others it’s accumulative or retro-active. For example, giving up smoking will be immediate, you will just stop smoking. With accumulative results, you might still feel nervous about public speaking, but you’ll feel more confident and you will get better results, and the nervousness will begin to fade. With retro- active results, you don’t actually realise you’re responding differently until you reflect upon a situation or somebody else tells you.

Let me be bold. You simply cannot change your self- sabotaging patterns using your will power alone. That’s like trying to apply a plaster to your leg, when actually, the bone is broken. Some patterns require us to go much deeper.

RTT is not for everybody and I only work with clients who I feel this process will be effective for. 

If you are seriously committed to changing your life, experiencing phenomenal wellbeing and are ready to do the work to upgrade your mind and clear your blocks to abundance, success, happiness and love then you are just the sort of person I love to work with.

I offer an initial 30 minute discovery interview to assess whether you are the type of person who will find RTT is a successful therapy for you.


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