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Located in beautiful New Zealand, I support people to discover better health and happiness. 

Through the use of RTT© hypnotherapy, I help you to change unhealthy habits that have been holding you back, causing anything, from anxiety to money blocks, weight issues, career blocks, depression, addictions… scroll down for more information

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Do you suffer from any of these issues?

Weight issues
Money Blocks
Career Blocks
Imposter syndrome
Lack of confidence

Relationship issues
Sexual Issues
Fears or phobias
Chronic illness
Eating issues
Post traumatic stress
Performance Issues

Know, that you’re not alone. Transformation isn’t easy, but I am here to guide you through it.

My feeling is that you didn’t just happen upon this page, and you’re here for a reason. Let’s do this together.

What is RTT Therapy?

Rapid Transformation Therapy or RTT varies from normal therapy or coaching because it uses one of the most powerful parts of you, your sub conscious mind.

After working with me you will have deeper clarity on what caused your issues. You can release old wounds and stored emotions and start to feel empowered, full of health and vitality.

RTT is not for everybody and I only work with clients who I feel this process will be effective for.

If you are seriously committed to changing your life, to be happier and healthier and are ready to do the work to make this happen then you are just the sort of person I love to work with .

I offer an initial 30 minute discovery interview to assess whether you are the type of person I work with and for you to ask me any questions you may have.

Click on the link to book a discovery interview.


Zurich/ Switzerland
Creative Director &
Business Owner.
Imposter Syndrome.

One of the things that attracted me to RTT Therapy initially was the huge focus on the subconsious mind, because for years I felt like my subconscious mind had been sabotaging my existence. Filling my head with self-limiting beliefs which was stopping me from where I wanted to go in life. I had started a business, but felt like an imposter. When I called Catherine, she immediately made me feel so at ease, and guided me through the session and made me feel safe enough to accept and acknowledge memories that were limiting me. I feel so grateful that I’ve had the chance to experience RTT Therapy and to Catherine for the love and support she has given. I would recommend you without hesitation as a deeply compassionate, intuitive and gifted healer.

Auckland/ New Zealand
Business owner
Yoga Teacher & Solo parent.

Help with confidence and stress during a challenging time. Negotiating a legal battle around co-parenting. I have just finished listening to my first ever personalised recorded hypnotherapy session (which I received from Catherine this evening). I am a bit taken aback with how deep and peaceful I became in such a short amount of time. Catherine asked me a series of short questions last night, which I duly answered. Having experienced tastes of hypnotherapy I had a vague idea of what to expect, but what I got was far more on point and precisely directed. Catherine’s voice is particularly soothing, however this was no lulling into a comatose state of sleep or simple relaxation. This was far more potent – it felt like Catherine had synthesised from my answers exactly the belief structures I need to create. Not only soothing, Catherine’s voice also has a surety to it that seemed to subdue my own self doubts and negative programming. I feel like after just one listen I have laid foundations for self belief that I expect will grow the more I hear this recording. I will listen to it daily. Watch this space. Thank you Catherine.

Auckland/ New Zealand
Management Consultant.
Help with weight management.

I found Catherine very informative and reassuring as to the process involved. During the session I felt relaxed throughout. I had an awareness of Catherine’s presence but no desire to open my eyes.  I was in the present but at the same time I was recounting past situations based on flashes of images but more on a sense of feeling. 

The session helped as the situations and emotions invoked were not things I had consciously thought about in a very long while.  I am much more aware about my issue and what behaviours I should be doing and find my self-control towards my issue has grown.

In fact, since the session I have lost 2 kg and can feel that my commitment to my wellbeing has grown. I remember thinking “Who knew my issue was related to things that happened way, way back in my past!” Situations that I had forgotten about and felt had moved on from.

The transformation recording I find is a real help to reinforce my behaviours and in correcting my mindset . It is quite powerful and strengthening. Very beneficial for someone like me for whom it truly is a case of ‘mind over matter!’ I would recommend Catherine as a therapist. She is genuine and has a very gentle and unassuming manner about her.  She puts you at ease and does not take you into a situation that you would not be comfortable in. Her honesty and belief in what she is doing comes through.

Sydney/ Australia
Motivational Speaker, Professional Sportsperson, Therapist & Life Coach.

Removing deep rooted blocks to success and self confidence.

Catherine was sensational. it is clear that her experience in the counselling space allows her to get to the core of the issues. The standout element for me was that Catherine brought in something I had said that I wasn’t picking up on and was the “nail”. The regression was powerful and at times very challenging and Catherine remained calm and supportive throughout, which isn’t easy virtually (on Zoom).  We lost connection at one point…however Catherine maintained calm, kept going and dialled me back in, I was super impressed. The absolute standout was the transformation, it was one of the best I have had and was so perfectly done. The strength of what is within is very, very well done.

Catherine, it was a session that I already know has shifted some feelings that I have been holding for too long. I can’t wait to finish the 21 days and come through the other side. You were remarkable in being able to quickly get to the core of something that I have been trying to do for years. Thank you

I think you are a sensational therapist!!  Loving it!! It’s shifting stuff but with what I’m also doing in Bali I feel like I’ve just put all of this on steroids.