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Head Lice Beware…Bug Buster IS HERE !

In our Bug Buster Kits you will find something that really works and is scientifically proven to do so:

  • Specially designed combs to effectively remove nits & head lice on children, babies and adults

  • Only product available which has been proven by research and is now prescribed by UK doctors as a registered medical device to treat head lice

  • Cost effective, no mess, non toxic, reusable: one kit does the whole family many times over

  • No extra product necessary, use your usual conditioner

  • Factual and no nonsense information on how to treat head lice according to their life cycle

  • Developed by UK charity Community Hygiene Concern and distributed in New Zealand under license (they do not want to make money, they want to get rid of head lice!)

The kit contains:

  • Wide tooth comb for combing out tangles

  • Large Bug Buster Comb

  • Large Nit Buster Comb

  • Two small combs for smaller children

  • Plastic cape

  • Stickers for your calendar

  • Detailed educational information on how to eradicate a head lice infestation by combing

School Fundraiser and Bug Busting in Schools

Bug Buster NZ sell these kits to schools at $10 per kit. The school then sells the Bug Buster Kit for $18, making $8 per kit to use for fundraising. If you are interested in selling these kits through your local school or kindergarten office, or are interested in joining in with Bug Busting Weeks where the whole school community Bug Busts together over a two week period to eradicate head lice, please contact Bug Busters NZ direct at:


Tel: 09 4282932

Or through our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/bugbustingweeks

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