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Yes we have finally done it after your many requests for a Chai blend.We made a lot of mess and it took us a long time researching, tasting and testing so that you can have your Chai and drink it too!

This BE Chai Masala blend is taken from a traditional ayurvedic (ancient Indian herbal medicine) recipe. It is a Sattvic blend which means that it helps you to stay calm and balanced and to feel a divine spiritual bliss. We thought that this was too good to keep to ourselves!
The deliciously balanced blend of organic, sweet, Indian spices is mixed with a mellow, organic Oolong tea giving it a heavenly flavour and a delicate palate. We grind all the spices in house to ensure the freshness and purity of the ingredients, all batches are hand blended and contain no sweeteners, colours or added "Flavouring". The freshness and quality of the Balanced Energy ingredients coupled with our skillful blending techniques means that they do not require added flavour to taste good, they just do!

All BESpa teas are packaged in home compostable packaging made in New Zealand to minimise the environmental impact of retail packaging. As a company we are also aiming to be zero waste and have extensive recycling systems at BE. 🙂

Ingredients (certified organic*)

Cinnamon*, fennel seed*, allspice*, cardomom seed*, ginger*

35g pack

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